Are you worried you haven’t got a steady flow of leads coming in and you aren’t making enough sales?

Helens Sparks sales

If your lack of progress is frustrating you,
discover a simple and proven system to get more clients

Does this sound like you?

Feeling stuck in your business? Do you have a passion to share your knowledge and help others, but can’t seem to turn that into a concrete plan? Whether it’s creating a course or selling products that can expand your reach and make a bigger impact, it can be hard to know where to start.

Maybe you’re having trouble bringing in leads because you don’t have a solid sales process in place. And even when leads do come in, they’re not converting because your ideal clients aren’t seeing the value in what you have to offer.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different aspects of growing a business, from funnels and lead magnets to tech and webinars. And before you know it, months or even years have gone by without seeing the progress you want.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! It’s time to take control of your business’s success and make some changes. If you’re ready for a fresh approach and some accountability, you’re in the right place.

 Ready to know more?

Let me introduce you to:

The Launch Blueprint, an 8 week 1 : 1 solution to help you gain clients on a consistent basis following a strategy that works

Unlock the secret to attracting a steady stream of clients with The Launch Blueprint 

Designed specifically for business owners like you, who want to make a real impact with their work, this program is built on sales methods that feel natural and effortless.

Say goodbye to confusion and frustration when it comes to sales strategy, marketing, lead magnets, and funnels.

With The Launch Blueprint you’ll learn how to connect with your clients on a deeper level, stand out in a crowded market, and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field. 

What you can expect to cover during our 8 weeks together?

Your offer, client avatar and course idea

Course content, method of delivery and audience

Your niche and establishing demand

Corporate marketing strategies and outreach

Learning outcomes, transformation and value

Pricing your services

How to engage and retain your audience

Create an irresistable lead magnet

Building your audience and email list

High Converting webinars 

Setting a powerful mindset that brings results 

Content strategy to boost signups and increase conversion

Pre- Launch, launch and post launch plan

A ‘plug and play’ funnel that repeats on demand

Launch list strategy, waitlist strategy and lead scoring

Marketing Strategies

Copy review and audit on all of your content

Imagine what it will be like to move away from feast and famine to a regular monthly income. You set your goals. You decide how you want to grow your business and we make it happen.

If you:

Want to scale your business with an online course

Don’t have a sales strategy or marketing techniques

Want a simple solution to follow that brings result

Lack confidence in how to grow your audience

Are trapped in a constant feast and famine cycle

Long for clear and defined processes to follow that work

Then this program is for you..

Why should you work with me?

Ready to unlock the true potential of your coaching or consulting business? Let me help you tap into the power of online course creation, with an engaging and compelling concept that resonates with your target audience and leaves a lasting impact.

As a sales strategist, copywriter, and tech expert all rolled into one, I possess a rare combination of skills that allows me to effortlessly guide coaches through the process of taking their online courses from idea to profitable reality.

With my help, you’ll be able to monetize your expertise and generate sales from day one, allowing you to attract and serve more clients than ever before and scale your business.


What’s in it for you?

More clients, increased sales and a change in beliefs around the selling process

Robust sales strategies in place and a funnel that brings in leads

Content that attracts your ideal clients and scales your business

The ability to demonstrate value and ROI to your clients

Sales conversations that convert prospects into buyers

Actionable metrics for increased performance and profit

Clear and defined processes to follow that work

Profitable solutions from day one

Those nagging doubts

Let’s address the elephant in the room. You are bound to have doubts as to whether you should go ahead.

Anne felt the same way. She was worried about investing in a program when she knew that she didn’t have any sales on the horizon at the point. Her audience didn’t know she existed.

It was crickets when she launched her program. She was devastated and never wanted to feel like that again. But she knew that she had to invest in herself and her business or nothing would change.

Anne was worried that no-one was spending money. But what we discovered was people are still buying, you need to get in front of the right people with the right message.

Sometimes, its important to commit to change in order to grow. When we invest in ourselves, we allow others to do the same.

Taking action by focusing on your lead generation will always result in positive growth for your business.

Don’t take my word on it, take theirs:

“Helen is an outstanding heart-led sales coach and mentor. Helen’s training has transformed how I work and has been integral to my flourishing business. I now know precisely how to convert warm leads into high-end clients by connecting deeply, coming from a true place of service – understanding that sales is about helping people and meeting their needs.
Before I worked with Helen, I had limiting beliefs about sales and about the value of what I offer. Helen not only has the gift of seeing you and your potential, helps you to have the skills and mindsets you need to up-level your business by sharing her true zone of genius, but her loving presence helps you to believe in yourself in a new way too. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Helen. She is a blessing in my life”

Emily Johnnson – Wish Tree

Shelley Hutchinson

Working with Helen has been absolutely a fantastic experience. When I first contacted her, I was frustrated, overwhelmed and I didn’t have a clear sales strategy.

After barely four months working together, I found the “spark”  she helped me craft campaigns that I can reuse all the time and help me generate consistent leads every single month in a way that feels comfortable, easy and fun.

With her help, I learned how to craft appealing content, sales pages and email sequences and I’m already seeing an increase of sign up conversions and open rates.

The support you get from Helen is invaluable, she helped me reframe my mindset and encouraged me to move forward. I couldn’t be more grateful to her: she is a fantastic person and a highly-skilled professional”

Alessia Pandolfi, On-line Tech Expert 

“If you need help to launch a course or thinking about a course you want to develop, then you need to get in touch with Helen Sparks.

Helen is the perfect coach and one-woman support team that you need to get your course out of your head and into the world. Not only does Helen help with the marketing, organization, and course materials, she is also outstanding at improving your mindset, limiting beliefs, and any blockages that are stopping you from progressing. Helen gave just the right amount of ‘pushing’ and targets to complete each week.

I am so glad I asked Helen for help in getting my course off the ground. The resources you get are great too, all the little extras that make you feel relieved and safely supported.

Jessica Jones – Jessica Jones online

Shelley Hutchinson

As far as I can see, there is nothing Helen doesn’t know about tech! As well as having all the skills, she’s also very creative and has been full of brilliant ideas for my course.

She has patiently walked me through the initial steps towards producing video content in the early days of working together (which was quite a feat because I was a complete novice), and through other aspects of the tech such as graphics, which I didn’t have a clue about and this has empowered me to create materials for my course that had been stuck in my head/in my iPad for a couple of years!

She’s been super flexible with timings, which has given me the space to do what I need to do whilst also keeping me accountable.

Liz Withyman – Coaching for a vibrant life

How does it work and how much is it?

The Launch Blueprint helps you to scale your business and launch with ease. It’s designed to help you with practical, no-nonsense advice that you can implement immediately to get more clients.

We work together to get you total clarity on your sales strategy so you can confidently:

  • Launch successfully, every time 
  • Show up with intent and make sales
  • Connect with confidence
  • Scale your income

It’s the perfect blend of:

  • 1:1 support from me and implementation by you.
  • Accountability and strategic coaching
  • A stretch without overwhelming you
  • Deep and seamless support to make sure you achieve your goals

Here’s how it works

Duration: 8 Weeks.

Weekly 1:1 60min coaching sessions on Zoom.

A constant learning and implementation process with accountability and support.

You will also have workbooks and weekly tasks, plus additional email/messenger support to keep you focused and motivated, when you need it most.

It’s simple, straightforward and seriously impactful.



One payment of


(+ bonus month)


6 payments of